La Laguna de Siete Colores de Bacalar, one of Mexico's Pueblo Magicos. The crystal clear water of the lake are caused by the array of natural salts and minerals in the water, as well as due to the stromatolites presence in the ecosystem.

México’s Riviera Maya: Unlocking Investment Potential in Paradise

Are you looking to expand your portfolio and your horizons by investing in developing international economies?

Introducing Mexico’s Riviera Maya, where the confluence of population stability and remarkable economic growth cultivates a tapestry of endless opportunities for investors and enthusiasts alike. This blog will delve into Bacalar’s, as well as Mexico’s national economic prowess, fueled by factors such as nearshoring trends, a robust real estate market, and the anticipation of a tourism boom. Join us on a journey through Bacalar’s rise as a captivating destination for investors, where stability meets exponential economic growth.

I. Population Stability and Economic Growth

As of 2020, Bacalar boasted a population of 41,754, showing a minimal change from the 2010 figures. While the population may appear stable, it is the economic growth that truly positions Bacalar as an investment hotspot. In just nine months of 2023, Mexico received an impressive US$725 million in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), marking 6.99% of the total FDI received since January 1999. This substantial inflow is indicative of México’s increasing appeal to investors seeking lucrative opportunities.

II. Nearshoring Boosts Investment Landscape

Foreign companies are set to invest a staggering $9.05 billion by 2024 in México, primarily driven by the nearshoring trend. The relocation of production lines and factories from Asia to Mexico is strategically capitalizing on the country’s geographical location, trade agreements, and robust public finances. The maquiladora industry, a key player in this trend, has contributed significantly to Mexico’s economic strength, with merchandise exports under IMMEX programs exceeding $220 billion by the end of 2023.

The Lagoon of 7 Colors in Bacalar, Quintana Roo, México

III. Mexico’s Rising Star in Foreign Direct Investment

Mexico’s consistent appeal to foreign investors is further emphasized by the World Investment Report 2022, ranking the country as the 10th largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) globally and the 5th among developing economies in 2021. The preliminary IED figures for 2022 reveal a 12% increase compared to the previous year, reaching a substantial $35.29 billion.

IV. Bacalar’s Growing Real Estate Market

Bacalar’s popularity is not limited to industrial investments; the region’s real estate market is also experiencing a boom. The town’s average land price surged by an impressive 350%, from 1,000 pesos per square meter to around 4,500 pesos. This growth is attributed to speculation surrounding the Tren Maya project, emphasizing the potential for profitable returns in Bacalar’s real estate sector.

woman kayaking in the crystal clear water of the Bacalar Lagoon.

V. Projected Tourism Boom

The allure of Bacalar extends beyond economic indicators, with its Seven Colors Lagoon and historical charm attracting conscious travelers seeking authentic experiences. With the town’s commitment to sustainable tourism practices, it is poised to witness a significant uptick in tourism numbers in the coming years. Bacalar’s unique appeal is also recognized by notable sources like The Wall Street Journal, which features the town as one of the best travel spots in 2024.


Bacalar stands at the intersection of historical richness, economic potential, and tourism appeal, making it a compelling choice for investors. Whether drawn by the booming real estate market, the nearshoring trend, or the town’s natural beauty, those who invest in Bacalar are positioning themselves to reap the rewards of this Mexican paradise’s untapped potential.

Mexican national flag standing proudly in the clear blue sky, tailing in the wind.

Note: All numerical statistics and data mentioned in this blog are sourced from official reports and publications. The population figures for Bacalar as of 2020 are based on a 2020 Government Population Census on Bacalar, carried out by the Mexican Government. The information on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Mexico, specifically the US$725 million received in the first nine months of 2023, is publicized by Forbes Mexico (,Manufacturera%20de%20Exportaci%C3%B3n%20(Index)). The figures on Mexico’s ranking in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) globally are derived from the World Investment Report 2022 published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The data on Bacalar’s real estate market, including the 350% increase in average land prices, is attributed to Amir Efrén Padilla Espadas, president of the College of Civil Engineers of Quintana Roo South Zone, as reported by The Economic Times. The recognition of Bacalar as one of the best travel spots in 2024 by The Wall Street Journal is attributed to the publication. Proper credit is given to ensure transparency and reliability of the information provided.